Our Charter

We are a solidarity of kindred minds, who share a vision uniting past, present and future. We are dedicated to the regeneration of the western soul.

Modern society is suffering from self hatred, confusion of values and the decay of moral willpower. Its religion is an amalgam of greed, envy, self-indulgence, guilt and despair. We offer a philosophic catalyst, which will galvanise awareness and provide a formula for social and self regeneration.

This catalyst is found in the ‘Three Pillars’ governing society and self.

  1. The sovereignty of the private individual.
  2. The sanctity of conscience.
  3. The sacredness of human life.

World renewal and self renewal are co-dependent but individual rights are basic and not derived from government decree of community consent - they are part of the condition of being human . They exist, 'a priori' whereas the state exists provisionally.

Rights are balanced by duties & thru the code of personal excellence embodied in the words:


As a total commitment they allow no compromise and are the key to self-renewal.

The will to live underlies both social & personal health - no organism can survive without it. The concept of will is bound up with consciousness & freedom from blind instinct - "free will", in fact. When either a person or a whole society deny the reality of their own soul, they have chosen the path of self-destruction. To maintain that all personal well being is derived from the material conditions of life, is denial of one's soul and the embodiment of a death wish as it transfers responsibility from self to external forces; it is an implicit surrender to outside control and is the central creed of the modern welfare state.

Both man and society require that fundamental will to live and flourish only found through a belief in one's unique value, future destiny and the power of regeneration from within. Cultural suicide is the alternative.

Our quality of consciousness is the main thing which separates us from the rest of nature and it is derived from the soul of the human race.

In human affairs, all meaningful culture is the product of ideas held in common.

The back wash of our civilisation, that area not inspired by ideas but by consumerism, self indulgence and greed, is the "trash" culture, and there is no antidote to this apart from an ideal beyond "self".

We do not seek the consensus of the political market place but the unity of kindred souls, knowing oneness through a shared heritage of great ideals – we serve truth, not consensus.

"It is better by yielding to truth to conquer opinion, than by yielding to opinion to be defeated by truth" - Epictetus.

"A human being who does not strive for his ideals is no more than a non-entity" - Zahida Hippios

“Express a passionate conviction of your own and you at once create a new world” – Villiers David

We are the Fellowship of the Round Table, Knights of the Third Millennium, dedicated to the regeneration of the Western Soul